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Champion Sports Events was established to provide quality sporting events for Junior Olympic athletes interested in being the best. Our mission is 'Putting Athletes in the Game' and to make every event a memorable experience for athletes, coaches and fans alike no matter what the sport. Champion Sports Events is not about winning; it is about seeking out the best competition possible, which results in making teams and players better. If your goal is to get better, to play the best, and to be the best, join us in a Champion Sports Event.

After our successful last season we realized that our real desire is to promote athletes to the next level. Regardless of what the next level is, it may be from B division play to A division play, from middle school to high school or from travel ball to college. With this realization, we have revised our mission to 'Promoting & Putting Athletes in the Game'. Champion Sports Events is committed to our mission that every event, regardless of the sport or age group, will be designed for 'Promoting & Putting Athletes in the Game'.

Champion Sports Events

Upcoming Event

Champion Sports Events is proud to present the South’s premiere fastpitch recruiting camp.

Champion Sports Events will provide and elite staff of instructors at our camp to assist players in displaying their talents to the College Coaches.

The recruiting camp is designed for players the opportunity to display their skills as an individual to the college coaches. Campers will also be instructed by some of the top clinicians in the country to further improve their skills.

Champion Sports Events College Recruiting Camps Include:

• 2-hour session with guest speakers to discuss the college recruiting process

• 1-hour question & answer session with guest speakers

• Lunch on Champion Sports Events

• 3-hour skill & exposure session

• 1-hour professionally instructed skills clinic